Join me and ex Special Forces Operator Ollie Ollerton at 10am 15th July

Culture, values and teamwork are the most important aspect of any organisation. With the wrong team in place, you will not meet your objectives, whatever they are. Teamwork is great when times are good and we’re all hitting target, getting pats on the back, pay rises and bonuses etc. But when times get tough that’s when cracks can start to appear and the wrong team dynamic will quickly lead to failure.

Ollie will share some of his stories and real life military experiences that are very relatable to the corporate world. He will cover goal and objective setting, making sure everyone is aligned to the plan and knows what they have to do in order to succeed. He’ll also cover how to handle team conflicts and what Leaders can do to ensure their teams are all pulling in the same direction and what to do if things do start to go wrong. Don’t miss this thought provoking, insightful and engaging session! If you can’t make that date, you can sign up anyway and watch the recording.

Ollie Ollerton

Ollie Ollerton is taking the motivational speaking circuit by storm. His expertise is fuelled by a career in the military, where he came face to face with terrorists in Iraq. Though Ollie’s experiences taught him the value of staying calm under pressure, it also left him with an alcohol addiction and depression, both of which he has since overcome with mindfulness. Ollie now uses his speaking to share his story, offering audiences insight into the resilience and mental robustness needed to fight not just active gunfire, but your own mental battles too.

It was on the human trafficking mission that he was inspired to start Break-Point. After finding a true purpose, founders Ollie Ollerton and Jason Fox now use that drive to teach people the value of building each other up, rather than give in to workplace competition. The corporate coaching programme is infused with military-style training, ideal for improving a collective team’s mental resilience.

Ollie shot to fame on SAS: Who Dares Wins, alongside Ant Middleton and fellow business owner, Jason Fox. Ollie is well-loved for his no-nonsense yet empathetic personality.

His military career started with the Royal Marine Commandos, a sub-group of the Royal Navy. From there, he embarked on multiple tours, including the infamous Operation Desert Storm in Iraq. It was Ollie’s formidable perseverance that set him apart and gave him the edge for the six-month-long SAS Special Forces Selection process – out of 250 hopefuls, only Ollie and six others rose victorious from the gruelling trials. After training with the Special Boat Service, he qualified for the Special Forces Combat Frogman, a tactical group revered in the British military.

While fighting with the SBS, Ollie faced some of his greatest challenges. From counter-narcotics to hostage rescue, his mind and body were pushed to the very limits of human ability. Over the six-year period, Ollie became a pilot of the Submersible Dive Vessel, where he would sneak soldiers behind enemy lines.

After leaving the Special Forces Ollie initially worked in Iraq as a private security contractor for American TV crews, which saw him save 12 members of his vehicle convoy from armed attack while driving his vehicle at 140kms/hr en-route to Baghdad. He spent seven years as a Country Project Manager in the Middle East for major infrastructure projects, responsible for employing and training a 2000 strong Iraqi guard force.

Ollie then headed to South East Asia using his incredible military training to benefit the lives of those less fortunate while working for a charity. He was the lead command of a three-man team bravely infiltrating child trafficking rings. One such mission saw the rescue of 22 children destined for the sex trade and sweatshop labour. It was the largest and most controversial mission the organisation has ever witnessed. Those children were taken to safe houses and are now being educated in a loving, caring environment.

Ollie’s presentations showcase the highs and lows of humanity, where brotherhood and alcohol were the only defences against the terrors of war. His stories are truly life and death, making for a thrilling Webinar session.

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