Leadership Mentoring programmes with Consulting 51 Ltd start at just £400 per month. Over the challenging summer we had in 2020, I have seen a huge rise in demand from aspirational business leaders and owners who are looking for someone to work with in order to achieve their goals. I know most businesses found it tough during Lockdown but for many leaders it was a time for reflection, self-development and focusing on streamlining their business models to adapt to life after the Pandemic.

But what is Leadership Mentoring and what will you get for your investment? In my previous role as MD of a B2B Distribution and Engineering organisation I quickly found the phrase “it’s lonely at the top” to be very true. Coming from an employed role to that of an employer was a real shock – No KPIs to hit, no annual appraisal, no one to be accountable to on a daily basis combined with the responsibility of having to make enough money to pay 15 people’s wages every month was stressful to say the least. True I was accountable to the Shareholders and The Board but, if profit targets were being hit and Dividends paid, they had little involvement.

Tasked with making many changes to the company’s processes, systems, and culture, I decided to start working with a Mentor. Personally, I found having someone to bounce ideas off and use as a sounding board very helpful. My Mentor also held me accountable to a set of agreed objectives each month and checked in with me regularly to ensure I was on track. In team meetings, it was also very useful to have an external person to back me up with the staff and also to get some impartial feedback on how the changes were being adopted.

In 2019 I gained Distinctions in the IoD Certificate and Diploma in Company Direction and went on to become a Chartered Director – The skills I learned combined with my experience of growing a business is now what my Leadership Mentoring clients find beneficial. With a twice monthly entry level plan costing just £400 per month, Leaders I work with say they feel empowered and inspired to make the changes to their organisation needed to ensure it is a success. They all cite “accountability” as being vital and just having a person on hand to help set objectives and then check these have been met usually ensures they achieve their goals much quicker. Leaders and business owners I have worked with all made improvements to their business operations. Whether it’s growing an online presence, maximising net profit, team management and delegation, streamlining business processes or supplier negotiation, I love to suggest improvements using my own experiences.

I enjoy working with likeminded, ambitious, and innovative Leaders & business owners so if you’re ready to take your role to the next level please let me know and we’ll talk. There’s no minimum term and you simply pay for the time used, although a regular monthly plan tends to yield the best results.

Drop me an email on hello@consulting51.uk

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