Join myself and online content genius, Paul Travers at 10am Friday 29th May

Most of us are good at something, otherwise we wouldn’t be working in the roles we are. Accountants, Lawyers, Architects, Business Leaders, Engineers… the list goes on. But what most of us are NOT is online content creators. But we’re all aware of how important online content is right?

Many of us will sweat for hours over a blog post that we think serves a purpose. We post it to our website and maybe Tweet it or post it on LinkedIn or Facebook but, then that’s it. That valuable piece of content that took you hours and is filled with amazing facts and figures is forgotten about in a week or so.

In this fascinating webinar, Paul Travers will talk us through how we can “re-purpose” our content. Using simple methods like taking snippets of a blog and using on your other streams. This short session will be full of simple hacks you can use to ensure the content you work hard to create, drives you as much online interest as possible.

I would like to thank our sponsor this week, Wild Bird Marketing. I have used their services before and would highly recommend them.

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