Are you an Owner or Manager of a Residential Estate Agency?

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On 9th February at 2pm I’ll be joined by experienced Business Growth Mentor, Steve Hackney, who will guide you through “The FORMULA” that is being used by over 100,000 businesses worldwide. It’s easy to apply and business owners regularly report increasing their profits by 20%, 50%, 100% and often more when it is used correctly.

For more than 20 years Steve has enjoyed successes through his business marketing books, tools, strategies, programmes, training courses and systems to help thousands of businesses in 46 different countries. Steve’s business growth methodology has in the last 5 years alone generated over £3 billion in extra profits.

Steve is the creator of “The FORMULA”, also published as a book, which delivers a proven system any business owner can use to quickly grow their business

As a keynote speaker, Steve shares this methodology for those who are looking for a grow fast without losing the shirt on their back.

Sign up using the link here. If you would like further information, please call 01234 440520 or email Business Growth Mentor Tim Guest on

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