Public Speaking

Going back to 2010 I used to have a real phobia of public speaking and just couldn’t do it, sweaty palms, racing heartbeat and all the classic symptoms. But, after taking some time to re programme my brain I now really enjoy presenting to audiences of all sizes and varieties.

Rob Bartlett, CEO and Director The BVAA “Tim has been a regular presenter at our events and always received excellent feedback”

Subjects I’m confident about presenting on: 

  • How corporate culture can affect change, strategy and innovation in businesses
  • Networking – Some simple tools to help maximise your time out of the office
  • How to get employed (usually in my voluntary spare time to schools & colleges)
  • ERP Implementation and adoption – What are the classic pitfalls and how can you maximise user adoption
  • How to keep your staff engaged – Taking into account the changing needs of the younger workforce
  • Presentation skills – How to overcome the nerves and deliver a brilliant presentation