“What a fantastic webinar and thank you to Professor Joe Nellis for some thought provoking insights. If you want to watch a replay of this webinar you can watch it here: Webinar Recording

I’m running a free 1 hour Webinar jointly with Joe Nellis, Professor of Global Economy at Cranfield School of Management on the 5th May at 10am. The oldest Millennials are now approaching 40 and are no longer the “newbies” in the work place as they successfully climb the corporate ladder.

Introducing Generation Z – A generation now in their early 20s and very different from their Millennial predecessors. This generation have different values & principles and work in a very different way.

Their expectations from an employer include flexible working, good ethics and a company that can demonstrate it’s contributing to sustainable projects.

This session will look at who Generation Z are. What are their characteristics and what motivates them. We’ll then look at employee engagement in general and why it is so important to engage with and get feedback from your staff.

Finally we will look at remote working and give you a free tool to check how your staff are coping in this respect.

We’d be delighted if you could join us for this insightful event by signing up free below:

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