This was a fantastic Webinar with some really useful insights shared. If you missed if you can watch the replay on YouTube here: Webinar Replay

It can take as little at 18 days for us to adapt to a change and for it to feel “normal”. Many of us have been working from home since the end of March and will have gotten used to this way of life – No stress of the morning commute, no packed commuter trains, no motorway traffic, no school run, no office politics… The list goes on.

If, like our family, you have been trying to work from home whilst running a sub standard home school then you will undoubtedly feel stressed and frustrated. Many of us feel in need of a break so getting back to “normal” may actually be the straw that finally breaks the camel’s back as far as our mental health is concerned.

On Thursday 14th May at 10am I will be joined by Psychotherapist, Charlotte Eastham who will offer some practical tips for both employees and employers. We’ll look at ways you can ease yourself back into life after Lockdown, how to spot signs of mental fatigue and what to do about it, what employers can do to make sure their staff are ok and what to do if they need support.

The fact is, we may never gat back to “normal” and will likely have to adapt to a post pandemic life so our mental wellbeing will become even more important.

This webinar will be of use to anyone who works and / or employs people who work for them so we hope you are able to join us.

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