Watch this webinar replay where I was joined again by ex Special Forces Operator and CEO of Break-Point, Ollie Ollerton. We gave you some valuable tools and techniques you can apply to your life TODAY to start making huge improvements. This was not a “passive” Webinar. Ollie gave us tools, actions to take and follow ups. So if you’re serious about improving your life, have a look. If you want any of Ollie’s material, let me know and I’ll email you.

Ollie Ollerton
Picture: Ollie Ollerton

WHY am I offering this Free Webinar?

I’ve always prided myself on having a strong and positive mind – Anyone who’s run an Ultramarathon will tell you that the body is ready to give up long before the mind. It’s the ability to block the pain out, ignore your burning legs and take your mind to a more positive place that will get you to the finish. In business, a positive mindset is crucial to success – If you enter a situation with the attitude that “this will probably not work”, guess what? It will fail.

Like everyone, my 2020 was tough due to home schooling, lockdown, pubs shut, no toilet roll etc. I was also diagnosed with a benign tumour on my Pituitary Gland (middle of my head), right below the Hypothalamus and behind the Optic Nerve. Left to do it’s thing, it would have taken at least 10 years off my life and needed removing via Neurosurgery. I had to wait over 3 months for a date, due to the Pandemic. In this Webinar, I’ll share some of my experiences, my battle with negativity, my thought processes and how my unconscious mind was taking control of my conscious / rational brain.

Fortunately the surgery was a complete success and I learned a lot about myself along the way. I will share some of the little tips and changes I have made to my life that have had a huge impact on my positivity and productivity.

Ollie will call upon his extensive experiences and give practical advice on embedding positive emotions, morning and evening routines, defining goals and objectives, access to a “Promise Document” and access to his 28 day Goal Setting Masterclass material.

If you’re committed to being a better version of yourself, sign up now.

I’d like to thank Fred Copestake from Brindis for sponsoring this event. Fred is one of my Strategic Partners and an experienced business sales trainer, consultant and coach. Fred also recently published Selling Through Partnering Skills. A fantastic book and very relevant in these challenging times.

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